Go Live Update Urls PRO

Change the domain on your site with one click.

Change your site’s domain with confidence.

Go Live Update Urls PRO takes all the guesswork out of changing your WordPress domain. Click a single button and this plugin updates every URL on any WordPress site, including yours. 

Here are some features we think you will like.



Any purchase gives you unlimited sites, support, and updates.



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Database table by table selection.
Updates serialized data in core tables.
Very easy to use admin page, which may be found under "Tools."
Updates page and post content.
Updates widgets.
Updates options and settings.
Updates both multisite and single site installs.
Updates database tables created by plugins.
Database tables are organized into simple intuitive sections.
Ability to choose between tables or sections.
Ability to convert relative URL into absolute URL.
Updates serialized data across any table.
Updates encoded URL across any table.
Updates JSON data across any table.
Ability to test URL changes before running them.
URL testing report is provided for peace of mind.
Option to fix common mistakes automatically when entering a URL.
View and use history of your site's address.
Predictive URLs automatically fill in the "Old URL" and "New URL."
Real time reporting of count and location of urls which will be updated.   New
Report of count and location of urls which were updated.   New
WP-CLI support for updating urls from the command line.
Priority support with access to members only support area.


75 reviews for Go Live Update Urls PRO

  1. cristianfrunza93

    Thank you so much! You saved me!

    Worked like a charm! I have replaced over 1000 urls in 2 seconds.

  2. Jessica Blair

    After pushing my site to live from staging, some internal links were going to the staging version. Go Live was easy to use and fixed the problem in seconds. Thank you very much!

  3. Dean Cruz

    Stupidly simple. Well worth the money.

  4. Edward Brooks

    I needed to move my site from one folder to another on my server.

    1, First I tried Velvet Blues which broke my site.
    2. Then I tried Better Search And Replace which missed some of my media and custom links.
    3. Lastly I found Go Live Update Urls which replaced everything correctly the first time.

    Highly recommended time saving plugin.

  5. Ruth Odilo

    Worked perfectly. Thank you!

  6. Jannat

    Brilliant plugin. Simple and effective. Cheaper for unlimited sites than most plugins want for 1 site. The only plugin that actually updated my domains.

    The admin page already knew what I wanted to do so I just hit the button. To be sure the plugin worked, I did a search through my database for the old domain using phpMyAdmin and it was gone.

  7. beelzebomb

    Failed to find linked internal pages (page to page links). They remained linked to my ‘localhost’. Had to do it manually in the end.

    • OnPoint Plugins

      What are “page to page links”?

      This plugin will replace a “localhost” domain with another domain without issue. If you are having trouble, please see our Troubleshooting section or submit a support request and we will be happy to assist you with switching your Urls.

  8. fmarconi

    Although I still see my old url in a specific admin setting page of a plugin. It works great. It changes some WordPress customizer hardcoded url and plugin links that Velvet Blues did not. Thank you

  9. humayun288

    Its work fine

  10. Gene

    Paid for itself, and then some, within 10 minutes.

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