Go Live Update Urls PRO

Change the domain on your site with one click.

Change your site’s domain with confidence.

Go Live Update Urls PRO takes all the guesswork out of changing your WordPress domain. Click a single button and this plugin updates every URL on any WordPress site, including yours. 

Here are some features we think you will like.



A single purchase gives you unlimited use, plus support and updates. You may use it on as many sites as you would like.



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Database table by table selection.
Updates serialized data in core tables.
Very easy to use admin page - which may be found under Tools.
Updates page and post content.
Updates widgets.
Updates options and settings.
Updates database tables created by plugins without fear of breaking.
Database tables are organized into simple intuitive sections.
Updates serialized data across any table.
Improved admin page.
Ability to test URL changes before running them.
URL testing report is provided for peace of mind.
Optionally fix common mistakes automatically when entering a URL.
View and use history of your Site Address (URL).
Predictive URLs automatically fill in the Old URL and New URL.
Ability to choose between a full table or sections.
WP-CLI support for updating URLs from the command line.   * NEW *
Priority Support with access to members only support area.


39 reviews for Go Live Update Urls PRO

  1. connectlocals

    Works great! I tried other plugins and they didn’t complete the job. This one changed all URL’s in one sweep.

  2. Jerek

    I was recommended this plugin by Bluehost with my first site and I have now used it on more than 30 sites without a single issue.
    I’m always nervous to hit the “big blue button” knowing that it changes my database directly. Each time in less than 10 seconds I get the success message and I feel better. Being nervous for no reason is a lot better than spending hours manually switching things over like I used to.

  3. Dr. Bruce Williams

    Velvet Blues missed all of my gallery images. Go Live Update URLs got all of them. In the future I won’t use anything else.

  4. Mikhail

    Works like a charm

  5. Jess B.

    Remarkable. Went to the tools page. The domains were already filled out for me.

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