Go Live Update Urls PRO

Change the domain on your site with one click.

Change your site’s domain with confidence.

Go Live Update Urls PRO takes all the guesswork out of changing your WordPress domain. Click a single button and this plugin updates every URL on any WordPress site, including yours. 

Here are some features we think you will like.



Any purchase gives you unlimited sites, support, and updates.



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Database table by table selection.
Updates serialized data in core tables.
Very easy to use admin page, which may be found under "Tools."
Updates page and post content.
Updates widgets.
Updates options and settings.
Updates database tables created by plugins without fear of breaking.
Database tables are organized into simple intuitive sections.
Ability to choose between a full table or sections.
Updates serialized data across any table.
Updates JSON data across any table.
Ability to test URL changes before running them.
URL testing report is provided for peace of mind.
Option to fix common mistakes automatically when entering a URL.
View and use history of your site's address.
Predictive URLs automatically fill in the "Old URL" and "New URL."
Real time reporting of count and location of urls which will be updated.   New
Report of count and location of urls which were updated.   New
WP-CLI support for updating URLs from the command line.
Priority support with access to members only support area.


60 reviews for Go Live Update Urls PRO

  1. Jannat

    Brilliant plugin. Simple and effective. Cheaper for unlimited sites than most plugins want for 1 site. The only plugin that actually updated my domains.

    The admin page already knew what I wanted to do so I just hit the button. To be sure the plugin worked, I did a search through my database for the old domain using phpMyAdmin and it was gone.

  2. beelzebomb

    Failed to find linked internal pages (page to page links). They remained linked to my ‘localhost’. Had to do it manually in the end.

    • OnPoint Plugins

      What are “page to page links”?

      This plugin will replace a “localhost” domain with another domain without issue. If you are having trouble, please see our Troubleshooting section or submit a support request.

  3. fmarconi

    Although I still see my old url in a specific admin setting page of a plugin. It works great. It changes some WordPress customizer hardcoded url and plugin links that Velvet Blues did not. Thank you

  4. humayun288

    Its work fine

  5. Gene

    Paid for itself, and then some, within 10 minutes.

  6. Carolina Cabrera

    It just works!

    I had nearly given up after trying several other plugins and methods of changing my site’s domain. Finally my hosting company recommended giving Go Live Pro a try. And then just like that, the changes were done and my site was on the new domain.

    I was so impressed I could watch the progress of the changes and see what the plugin was doing (no other plugin does this).

    Done and done, problem solved.

  7. firasj

    It fulfils the promise.

    Thank you (●’◡’●)

  8. Charles Brien

    This plugin works good

  9. rachelism

    This plugin is great and does work, which is why I had to leave a review. Had a domain change and I couldn’t access my old media, so I was forced to reupload and tried out many suggestions and plugins that I found but they all didn’t work. Not even the largely popular plugins. Not until I found Go Live. It saved me a lot of time and it’s really easy to use. It’s also fast and even though sometimes the images link might not upload immediately, just redo the input and they always work. Thanks so much for this!!

  10. kyle4

    This plugin worked so well changing the domain I tried changing other content across my site like the old company name and authors. Worked for that too. Don’t let he name fool you, this plugin can change anything on your site, not just Urls. 🙂

  11. Rosa Flores

    Excellent plugin. No complaints.

  12. sarah7

    I was skeptical at first, but for $37 why not right? I arrived at the tools page to see the old and new url already filled out with the correct values. The screen told me it would update 3641 urls. I clicked the test button and all of the tests passed. Clicked update and was told that 3641 urls were updated. Appears to have updated every url on my site.

    One thing I would have liked to see is the count of urls which where updated in the history. All the history tells me is what urls were run and when.

    • OnPoint Plugins

      Thank you so much for the feedback!

      We totally agree with you. I would be nice to be able to see the how many URLs were updated when looking at history. This enhancement is currently on our list of upcoming features. We don’t have a release date scheduled yet. Most likely will be part of version 6.4 or 6.5.

  13. Federico S

    I tried two other search and replace plugins before finding this plugin. In both cases my site broke and I had to restore from a backup. First I tried the free version of Go Live Update Urls and my site did not break which was encouraging. I have a lot of tables created by plugins so I opted to buy the pro version which updated everything without issue.

    Save yourself some time and go straight to the pro version.

  14. Andrey Oliver

    Very cool plugin. Feels more like a fully functional application than an WordPress plugin. The progress bar is a nice touch.

  15. AlexK

    Velvet Blues is no longer maintained so I gave this plugin a try. Works just as well plus fixes the links that Velvet Blues always missed.

    As far as I’m concerned, Go Live is the new standard for changing domains.

    Highly recommended.

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