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Change your site’s domain with confidence.

Go Live Update Urls PRO takes all the guesswork out of changing your WordPress domain. Click a single button and this plugin updates every URL on any WordPress site, including yours. 

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Any purchase gives you unlimited sites, support and updates.



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  2. All Basic features included
  3. Unlimited sites
  4. Plugin updates
  5. Priority support
  6. Billed annually at $57
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  1. All PRO features included
  2. All Basic features included
  3. Unlimited sites
  4. Lifetime plugin updates
  5. Lifetime priority support
  6. Billed one-time for $147

Compare Versions

Database table by table selection.
Updates serialized data in core tables.
Very easy to use admin page, which may be found under "Tools."
Updates page and post content.
Updates widgets.
Updates options and settings.
Updates both multisite and single site installs.
Updates database tables created by plugins.
Database tables are organized into simple intuitive sections.
Ability to choose between tables or sections.
Ability to convert relative URL into absolute URL.
Updates serialized data across any table.
Updates encoded URL across any table.
Updates JSON data across any table.
Ability to test URL changes before running them.
URL testing report is provided for peace of mind.
Option to fix common mistakes automatically when entering a URL.
View and use history of your site's address.
Predictive URLs automatically fill in the "Old URL" and "New URL."
Real time reporting of count and location of urls which will be updated.   New
Report of count and location of urls which were updated.   New
WP-CLI support for updating urls from the command line.
Priority support with access to members only support area.

from 82 reviews

  1. Jason Cox

    Works perfectly on every site every time. Couldn’t be more of a timesaver. Excellent value for the money.

  2. touchingdoodles

    Quick and easy to use

  3. Ledaal Catosu

    The only plugin that actually changes all the links on the site.

  4. Behrouz

    works great

    It saved me a lot of time.

  5. Frank Thiago

    After wasting days trying other plugins tools and following numerous tutorials and getting nowhere I found this plugin. Google should have put this plugin at the top of my search but it was more like 30 items down this list. The top results included other plugins like Better Search and Velvet Blues that didn’t work. This plugin is the only one that works.

  6. Damian Martinez

    Works as advertised. Thank you.

  7. Alexis Walker

    I’m thrilled with the WordPress plugin that efficiently updates URLs. It’s an absolute lifesaver for anyone managing a website. With just a few clicks, I effortlessly transformed outdated URLs, ensuring a seamless user experience. This plugin’s intuitive interface made the process a breeze, saving me valuable time I can now invest in other tasks. It flawlessly scanned my content, swiftly locating and updating all instances of the old URLs. I was particularly impressed with its accuracy, leaving no broken links behind. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a novice website owner, this plugin is a must-have in your toolkit. Its exceptional performance and reliability have truly exceeded my expectations. Kudos to the developers for crafting such a phenomenal tool!

  8. Darren A.

    I’m not a developer so I am always nervous making changes this big to my website, but WP Engine suggested this plugin. The plugin instructions seemed easy enough to follow so I gave it a try. Everything worked well. It has been a month since I changed my domain and no issues.

  9. Serena Hadley

    Wow, all I can say is Wow.

    I can’t believe how easy this is. Mouth open, shaking head.

    Thank you for making my night!

  10. Jesus Cortes

    I have always done this manually, and the plugin has saved me a lot of time.
    I did the url change on an install located in a subfolder, and had to change the subfolder name and .htaccess file by hand.

    For a large installation I will definitely consider purchasing the Pro version.

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