Go Live Update Urls PRO

Change the domain on your site with one click.

Change your site’s domain with confidence.

Go Live Update Urls PRO takes all the guesswork out of changing your WordPress domain. Click a single button and this plugin updates every URL on any WordPress site, including yours. 

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A single purchase gives you unlimited use, plus support and updates. You may use it on as many sites as you would like.



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Database table by table selection.
Updates serialized data in core tables.
Very easy to use admin page, which may be found under "Tools."
Updates page and post content.
Updates widgets.
Updates options and settings.
Updates database tables created by plugins without fear of breaking.
Database tables are organized into simple intuitive sections.
Ability to choose between a full table or sections.
Updates serialized data across any table.
Updates JSON data across any table.
Ability to test URL changes before running them.
URL testing report is provided for peace of mind.
Option to fix common mistakes automatically when entering a URL.
View and use history of your site's address.
Predictive URLs automatically fill in the "Old URL" and "New URL."
Real time reporting of count and location of urls which will be updated.   * NEW *
Report of count and location of urls which were updated.   * NEW *
WP-CLI support for updating URLs from the command line.
Priority Support with access to members only support area.


46 reviews for Go Live Update Urls PRO

  1. Nikky

    If I could, I’d give this plugin 6 stars because it is unbelievably good.

    If you’re in need of changing your domain, then you should really try this plugin.
    It works right out of the box with nothing complicated.

    I have to say that i could have saved myself hours of trying other plugins if I would have found this one first.

  2. Matthew Lithgow

    This plugin did the job when it was run but does not change the links when new pages are added. Each time someone adds an old link to the content I have to run this again manually.

    • OnPoint Plugins

      I’m sorry to hear the plugin did not work as expected for your.
      While it sounds useful to have a plugin which automatically checks and updates content each time a post is saved, it is beyond the scope of what this plugin is intended for. Actually, there are probably a few plugins out there that do that kind of thing. This plugin’s purpose it to change everything in the database in one go when switching a site over, instead of an ongoing content monitoring.
      Typically if you want a link replaced in content as you go, this may be done via a filter or using a redirect plugin. Please reach out to support and we will show you how to set this up.

  3. meetwithchuks

    It worked as expected.

  4. llis

    I handled a migration from wp.com that ended up pulling in only some of the images. The Media Library was missing most of what should have been there. The images in the posts remained on the old server. They were loading, so without digging, nobody would notices those images were being remotely served until the old site was shut down. I had the uploads files themselves, but now I had to at least link to those on the new server. I disabled extra image processing (SmushIt) and worked the problem with plugins.

    I tried Auto Upload Images plugin, and it worked somewhat. It captured some of those remote images and pulled them in. Helpful, but incomplete. Those it captured did end up in the Media Library, so yay for that. Without a log, though, I don’t know what worked and what didn’t.

    For the rest, I figured I had to just change the URLs in the post content. I used Better Search Replace, and it caught a lot more references, but again missed many. I could not detect a pattern though. It was not timing out. It was just missing references in the Posts table. And it was finding references in other tables, including the options table. I went directly into the SQL table to investigate, but couldn’t find what it was seeing. I was using the free version of Better Search Replace, so I didn’t have any logs to refer to.

    Because this is such a common problem in migrations using Export/Import, I kept looking for a plugin, and that’s when I saw Go Live Update URLs. I thought what the heck. And this plugin found what was not found by these other plugins. All of my img links to the old server are now pointing to the new site. Many images still exist only in the filesystem, not in the Media Library. But I can live with that.

    This plugin is now my first go-to next time I encounter this.

    As to why the other plugins and even direct queries to the database missed what this plugin found, I figure I must have done something wrong. Not escaping characters or something.

  5. Mike

    Many thanks Mat! When I need the plugin again, your plugin will be the one I go to. 🙂

  6. Abe Prangishvili

    the best plugin !

  7. Micheal

    I did not want to pay for a plugin so I tried every other plugin I could find that did search and replace and they all broke my site.
    I purchased this plugin and it worked perfectly straight away. The plugin ran so fast I thought it didn’t change anything, but it changed everything in one shot.

  8. james

    Found out after using the plug in that my development website (wp.domain.com) with cloud installation of WordPress at host provider was on a different server than my placeholder production website (domain.com) built with a cloud installation of a different tool at the host provider. The production website on the other server was thus not going to move itself out of the way to let the plug in do everything the end customer might wish for. The host provider has since put changes into motion and from first glances at the wp.domain.com content seems pretty sure that the plug in got the urls ready, and when the server adjustment are replicated with the worldwide servers, the WordPress material will in fact be usable at domain.com, and I will be finally be able to get back into the WP admin via domain.com/wp-admin and close any small gaps. I will edit the review with the final conclusion. Hoping for a perfect result. IT savvy but relatively speaking. Laypeople suffer from IT lingo/detail overload, which is why we buy plug-ins!

  9. randy3

    I had no idea what I was doing but Matt walked me through the process which ended up being really simple.
    I usually try to leave at least one complaint when I write a review, but in this case I can’t think of a single one…
    Well done sir.

  10. info25

    Fantastic! Excellent support 🙂

  11. Christopher

    100% of the time, it works every time : )

  12. Ray

    I used the free version many times without issue so $39.99 for a lifetime license on all of my sites seemed like a no-brainer to me. Well worth it.

  13. Jim M

    The plugin, properly installed, worked as advertised. It was sweet!! Thanks for your hard work to make url conversion simple and accurate. Many thanks, & I will sing your praises to my community. best wishes, jim

  14. Josh

    Boom! Faster than I could say boom, my site was switched. Everything switched including my visual composer content.
    I’m impressed.

  15. Mohamed

    Worked as advertised. Couldn’t be happier!

  16. jennifer

    This plugin CRASHED my web site!

    • OnPoint Plugins

      I am very sorry to hear you had a bad experience with this plugin. As a pro customer you automatically have priority support available. In virtually all cases that users have had trouble using this plugin I have been able to help troubleshoot and found the issue to be a simple typo or required server configuration.
      I’m afraid it is very hard for me to help when the only information received is, “This plugin CRASHED my web site!”. In the future, if you are having an issue with any of my products, please reach out to support and let me guide you through using the plugin properly. I will also assist you with fixing your site.
      Again, I am very sorry the plugin did not work for you.

  17. AJ Hill

    WpEngine recommended this plugin to change my site to https. It worked excellent.

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