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Advanced Sidebar Menu PRO makes managing your menus fully automatic. With just enough options to get the job done, this WordPress plugin is extremely lightweight and easy to use.

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Compare Versions

Page and Category menu Gutenberg blocks.
Page and Category menu widgets.
Option to display or not display the highest level parent page or category.
Option to display the menu when there is only the highest level parent.
Ability to order pages by date, title, or page order.
Exclude pages or categories by entering a comma-separated list of ids.
Option to always display child pages or categories.
Option to select the levels of pages or categories to display when "always display child" is used.
Option to display or not display categories on single posts.
Ability to display each single post's category in a new widget or in the same list.
Navigation menu widget.
Navigation menu Gutenberg block.
Ability to customize each category or page link title with a simple text field.
Click-and-drag styling for page, category, and navigation menus.
Styling options for links including color, background color, size, hover, and font weight.
Styling options for different levels of links.
Styling options for the current page or category.
Styling options for the parent of the current page or category.
Blocked styling options including borders, border width, and border colors.
Option to choose from 7 bullet styles or no bullets.
Accordion menu support for pages, categories, and navigation menus.
Accordion icon style and color selection.
Accordion option to keep all sections closed until clicked.
Accordion option to include highest level parent in accordion.
Accordion option to use links for open/close.
Ability to exclude a page from all menus using a simple checkbox.
Ability to exclude category from all menus using a simple checkbox.
Link ordering for category menus.
Number of levels of pages to show when "always display child pages" is not checked.
Ability to select and display custom post types.
Ability to select and display custom taxonomies.
Ability to display category post counts.
Exclude pages or categories using intuitive search and select.   New
Option to display only the current page's parents, grandparents, and children.
Option to display child page siblings when on a child page (with or without grandchildren available).
Ability to display the menu on every page (including homepage if applicable).
Ability to select the highest level parent page/category.
Ability to select which levels of categories assigned posts will display under.
Ability to display assigned posts or custom post types under categories or taxonomies.
Ability to limit the number of posts or custom post types to display under categories.
Support for custom navigation menus from Appearance -> Menus.
Ability to display the current navigation menu item's parents and children only.
Option to display the top-level navigation menu items when there are no child items or not viewing a menu item.
Priority support with access to members only support area.

from 87 reviews

  1. Mari Gregory

    Easy to use with no setup required.
    I bought the pro version for the accordions feature which works great after checking a single box. Support is also helpful and answered my questions before I upgraded.

  2. WillOfTheWeb

    The pro version of this plugin is a disaster. As soon as you activate it, it renders your menu items invisible. Also to get the full benefit of it you have to install the Classic Sidebar plugin as the block version is terrible.

    • OnPoint Plugins

      Thank you for your feedback!

      The PRO version is definitely not supposed to render menu items invisible. Our support team will be happy to assist in resolving.
      The blocks actually contain all the same functionality as the widgets, just with some improved UI controls. The documentation is super helpful for understanding the controls.

  3. Jay Marjin

    Great features

    Great plugin i ever used

  4. Leopoldo Pinson

    Well supported and kept up to date. Works with the new version of WordPress.

    Matched my theme styles without any customization. The accordions are a nice touch but I only use them on some sites.

    I’m using full site editing (FSE) with the Advanced Sidebar Menu blocks in my custom sidebar templates. Simple and functional.

  5. Manuel Weber

    Almost perfect.

  6. Corey

    I have used the Advanced Sidebar Menu plugin since 2016 and never had any problems.
    Quite possibly the most stable plugin I have ever seen.

  7. Emily Johnson

    Efficient and Stylish! This plugin is a game changer. It seamlessly enhances my website’s navigation with its sleek design and user-friendly customization options. Setting up a polished and organized menu has never been easier. A definite must-have for any website owner.

  8. omigosh

    I’d love to have a plugin like this but I can’t make it work. Best I can do is make a list of categories, but I can’t get it to list individual posts within a category. Tried everything. Nothing works. Not even sure if it’s supposed to display individual posts in a category. There’s no information in what might be laughlingly called ‘Documentation’. I spent a large chunk of my day trying to make this thing work and it simply does not work.

  9. Joann Tanja

    Brilliant Support! Got me sorted in under 2 hours. With other plugins, I’ve waited as much as 3 days for a response. Turns out if you want to set a background gradient for the whole menu you have to use the block instead of the widget. Not an issue once you know about the transform button. Much more than I was expecting from a plugin.

  10. Sebastian Daisuke

    Great menu plugin. Very flexible and easy to use. Up an running in under 15 minutes.

    Worth much more than the price. 🤑

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